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Jazz Hornline Audition

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Jazz Band instructions:

Auditioning for Jazz Band I:  Play the head as written (with repeats)
                                                          Solo over the chorus two times
                                                          Play head again once. 
                                                          Note: must improv on the bridge all times

Auditioning for Jazz Too:   Play the head twice with all repeats.                                                                          Must improve on the bridge.                                                 

You may use the recording as an accompaniment. The recording will keep going after you play  the above directions.  When you have finished your audition just stop the recording.

 Drums and bass: lean the chart and you will come in for a live audition

Lincoln High School Jazz Band Rhythm Auditions: Piano, Bass, Drums, Guitar

    Jazz Band Too: Play at least 4 major scales (drums n/a).

    Piano: hands together preferred by not required.

    Jazz Band 1:   Play all 12 major scales (drums n/a)

    Piano: hands together preferred, but not required.

BOTH BANDS:  Learn the following chart: Out of the DogHouse by Erik Morales. You will have a live audition with the Lincoln Jazz I band on a date TBA in late April/early March.  

                Listen to the full recording here.

    Or at jwpepper.com and search Out of the Doghouse.

At rehearsal 51-68 piano, guitar and bass will take one chorus of the 16 bar solo. 

A horn player from the LHS band will also take a solo and the auditionee will comp.



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